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"Jester is the one I told everything to. He was the one I went and cried to when my dogs died. He deserves this pic and so many more things." This would be a great senior picture.

I want this to be my amazing senior pic. Only a true cowgirl can take a picture with a horse. But I'm sorry, a lot of girls who say they are country really aren't. But if this beautiful girl take a picture like this, than she is one true cowgirl. I might be young but I wasn't born yesterday. And btw whom ever took this picture they are one great photographer. Also who ever thought of way to take her senior picture than they need to post about there GREAT passion or what ever you want to call…

Beautiful High School Senior Portrait of Taylor Ike, a fellow pinner. (photography by Karen Kennedy, Icon Studios)


Ride with my bestfriends, busy plans get in the way and my best friends don't really ride as much so hopefully one day we can all ride together.