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Suvi Salo on Twitter: "#itk2016 #aikamatkaaja #QRkoodi #ilmiöpohjainen #osallisuus #kokonaiskäsitys https://t.co/GAgLH7J4Ff"

Suvi Salo on Twitter: "#itk2016 #aikamatkaaja #QRkoodi #ilmiöpohjainen #osallisuus #kokonaiskäsitys https://t.co/GAgLH7J4Ff"

XBox-Controlled Military Robot Can Lift 150 Pounds [VIDEO] - Meet the Roomba's hardcore sibling. The disc-shaped vacuum's parent company, iRobot, has created a 450-pound military machine called the Warrior.

XBox-Controlled Military Robot Can Lift 150 Pounds [VIDEO]

fundraising infographic : XBox-Controlled Military Robot Can Lift 150 Pounds [VIDEO] Meet the Roomba&

My 10 tips for capturing great holiday photos of your little ones post got me all excited about photography so today I thought I d share how to photograph a Christmas tree.

How To Photograph A Christmas Tree

How to put lights on a Christmas tree. No more looping the lights around the tree. This way makes the whole tree glow and look evenly lit. The tree is beautiful

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ground zero 9/11/11, NY

old 9/11 memorial photo takes Twitter by storm, leaves its creator miffed

Twin Towers Memorial, New York City. Shafts of light memorialize the World Trade Towers that were destroyed by terrorists on 11 September 2001

Use Mobile Recruiting Platforms to Attract Top Talent | Techgorillas

Well, time for bed by chewingfat .This is SO me every night. Me: "I'm going to bed now" BF: "Ok, so you'll be sleeping in about 50 minutes?

I wish I had seen this when we got married!!!!! I'm too nerdy not to have a picture of me and my husband like this!!! And this couple most likely didn't do it for the Lord of the Rings reference!!!

post wedding photo shoot wedding photography Wedding Picture Idea: Caught kissing through a wedding band found your wedding idea? now order .



Nice way to use a ribbon to show connection and timeline. 
History of the iPhone [INFOGRAPHIC]

14 Epic Tech Fails That Will Live In Infamy [INFOGRAPHIC]

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33 Most Beautiful and Breathtaking Places in the World

Pura Lempuyang Door Bali Indonesia: 'Puras are designed as an open air place of worship within enclosed walls connected with a series of intricately decorated gates between its compounds. This is a split gate known as candi bentar Indonesia