Um, yeah that "security gaurd" has a name. It's Big Rob. But this should start trending.

This is so true. Larry shippers caused the break up of Lou and El. Larry shippers are so not directioners. I don't care if I get hate for saying this. I'm just saying Larry shippers sound just like that.

Its stupid, done with, fake and lame. And im sure el and the boys hate it. No hate plz.<<< didn't write this but its the truth guys

ok ya see whoever said that bottom tweet is a genius bc it's like "half a heart"

Awwww Only half a blue sky kinda there but not quite walking around with just one shoe half a heart without you


One Direction + 5 Seconds Of Summer = Perfect Boy Bands Ever.

I agree omg

Read it. All of it, because it's SOOOOOO true! I love my Nialler. I am definitely a Niall girl.


But theo will be my baby's cousin and his uncle will be my husband which will be my baby's dad

"This isn't normal. Not at all. I'm scared. What's going on? *Nervous laughter* What just happened?"

The storm is coming guys I can feel it so be prepared for the gates of hell to open soon.


The Wanted member vs. One Direction's DRUMMER lol>>>Sorry not sorry but this made me laugh so hard