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The skeleton clique is so weird I'm so proud :-) Fairly Local// Twenty Øne Piløts

I used to think I could for a moment and then I went to try and yeah.... Gotta keep at it loL!

There's an infestation in my mind's imagination I hope they choke on smoke cause I'm smoking them out of the basement this is not rap this is not hip hop just another attempt to make the voices stop

"@ur bro in the middle of this song"

I love it if any one needs help hearing just search the judge isolated vocals and that helps a lot and makes it easier to hear in the normal song -sammie

LOL ME YESTERDAY AT MY FRIENDS ✧ pinterest @radsicle ✧

Twenty One Pilots -- Migraine

Only Wars inside our minds. Hopefully being won, by the good side.

Only Wars inside our minds. Hopefully being won, by the good was deep I completely agree

They say stay in your lane boy

Stay in your lane boy, Lane Boy.

slam poetry cx

Electro screamo ukulele slam poetry is art

Twenty one pilots funny

omg this is great. If someone ever steals my car radio this will happen

Car radio by twenty one pilots prank

twenty one pilots

twenty one pilots genre

How dare they! IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE >>>>*Twenty One Pilots

Wow they're meme-ing fast


My dad loves Tøp.

If someone said this to me I would marry him on the spot.

twenty one pilots pick up lines

literally me

Though I'm not sure I believe the world is that old, I'm still pretty glad I've discovered Twenty Øne Piløts.

Kinda like DHMIS cause it goes from happy to insane and deep in 1 second

us TOP fans are Sick as frick