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The Things That Dean Doesn't Know [Tessa gave him his memories back from the post-crash stuff, though. Also see: Dean doesn't know that Sam spit demon blood back out when demons tried to force him to drink it.

Dean just doesn't swing that way ;) [GIFSET] 1x08 Bugs and 9x13 The Purge (Dean Winchester Brotherly Bonding Scenes)

Dean just doesn't swing that way ;) [GIFSET] Bugs and The Purge (Dean Winchester Brotherly Bonding Scenes)<-I hope to Cas they don't swing that way that's his brother.

This is so true. I never really thought about what all happened with Sam while Dean was in Purgatory... Sam and Dean both love each other more than anything on earth, and anyone who tries to tell me that Sam doesn't love Dean as much as Dean loves Sam, please read this...

Sam loves Dean, and Dean is super overprotective of Sam because he loves his brother right back :) it's what family does. So if anyone says that Sam doesn't love dean as much as dean loves Sam just read this post

Sam and Dean having the EXACT same story without planning it

The bond these two have is incredible. Despite the fact that Sam desperately wanted to distance himself from all of it, he and Dean are so alike in the way they think, it's scary.<<< they probably thought up a plan before hand in case this ever happend


Fara Winchester on

it’s heartbreaking and cute at the same time when Dean just lights up and smiles while he shows off his EMF meter. I am a high school teacher and the tags on this just broke my heart.

It's ten years later and I didn't need that.

I just really hope Dean and Sam would still be close if Jess didn't die, because that's why they became brothers again; Jess died and Sam wanted revenge, and along the way, he realized what an awesome brother Dean is. It hurts so much!

Oh my chuck I cannot handle my feels right now. It physically hurt to read this but I love it so much!

If Cas learned this kind of love from Jimmy [powerful family love] it makes sense. And I personally think Dean taught him a different love, unintentional on Dean's part. I mean Cas cared deeply about his angelic family too.