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One of my favorite parts of "When a Good Man Goes to War". But omg I thought Amy meant the doctor for a second there and that River had fallen in love with her father

Perfection, just perfection

Rose and Ten - This is one of my favorite, old Ralph Lauren campaigns ever. To see Rose and Ten in it makes my heart happy.

Doctor who quotes

Favorite Doctor Who Quotes - I only really discovered the Doctor a couple months ago. Once you finally "meet" the Doctor, all the hullabaloo makes sense. [Addition to the Ninth Doctor quote: Or is that just me .

doctor who morals. morals you learn from doctor who. There is no such thing as an ordinary human Have you noticed how people' s begins to decline the moment the

Doctor Who / funny pictures best jokes: comics, images, video, humor, gif animation - i lold Check out the website to see

Things I learned from Doctor Who

A few life lessons Doctor who has taught me. I've seen something like this done before but more on a comedy level and while I added one or two in. Doctor who has taught me.

Interesting how she wasn't talking about The Doctor...

When I was a child my favorite story was about a man who lived forever but whose eyes were heavy with the weight of all he had seen. A man who fell from the stars.

Doctor Who - The Silence

This is actually a little scary since I've experienced almost all of the things listed. <-- or when you trip over thin air.

I will always repin this. It explains so much about each regenerations character

Doctor Who~ this so true! David Tenant is my fav! Which doctor is your favorite!

50th Anniversary - Rose

That's okay I didn't need my heart anyway. <--- So sad that this didn't actually happen in the :(