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Anything to help me organize  . . . yes, I am a geek, but a stylish one

Like the idea of using a tabbed / removable page workbook-type layout

Sonicisual by Valerie Ng ----------------------------------------------------- Very simplistic and beautiful cover

H3C Énergies - Graphéine - Agence de communication Paris Lyon

H3C Énergies

[EN] is an independent service and consulting company focused on energy. provides energy savings solutions to its clients, in a sustainable development approach. With more than buildings appraised in 10 years, is a leader in th…

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Theoretical essay format Example Of Theoretical Framework copyright infridgement intended. Theoretical Framework The theoretical framework of this study is: Instruction can be targeted.

Wayward Arts Magazine

nice muted colour scheme but reference to Dutch flag Wayward Arts Magazine

Pristave on Behance - created via http://pinthemall.net

Pristave on Behance - created on

✖ FORMAT + COMPOSITION - Colours and layers.

I chose for this image to be in my book binding board because I like the way you can still see the craftsmanship that was used binding the book. I also like the idea of binding multiple tiny books to create one final product.

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Limited Color Palette / Duotones / Each slide diff color /// Barcelona Design Museum - Atlas

Media as art | print(book, magazine, newspaper)+typography+editorial+layout+design

Brevario by Daniel Varela

Experimental ads for Tama Art University

Experimental ads for Tama Art University

Tamabi art ads by Kenjiro Sano

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A series of almost 40 prints created to promote the University of Tama Art, commonly referred as Tamabi. Those ads were created by Kenjiro Sano, aka Mr Design.

Japanese Poster. Tama Art University Advertising Archive. Tamabi. (Made by Hands)

MediaSlut's "A smorgasbord of stark winter, cute males, glitter, stained glass and ink", 24 March Tamabi

Japan Schweiz

symmetrysymptom: “ Poster by Stephanie Cuérel & Josh Schaub ”


Sano Kenjiro for Tama Art Univeristy

Tamabi/Nomination/Art Direction for Press Advertising/2014

University of Tama Art (Tamabi) — Kenjiro Sano (Mr Design)