Molly: "What do you need?" Sherlock: "If I wasn't everything that you think I am––everything that I think I am––would you still want to help me?" Molly: "What do you need?" Sherlock: "You.

Откровенные мысли женщины о наготе

Louise Brealey in The Trojan Women. Fabulous article about body image and confidence, definitely worth reading. On Yellow Paper - What Molly Did Next.


13 GIFs That Explain The Struggle Of Waiting For More 'Sherlock' ebaeschnbliah: “ ivordesgreenleaf: “ When someone asks you when the new season is airing: When someone tries to explain how it’s.

Benedict Cumberbatch, the first actor in history to play Sherlock Holmes who has a name more ridiculous than "Sherlock Holmes"

Funny pictures about Ridiculous names. Oh, and cool pics about Ridiculous names. Also, Ridiculous names.

Mrs. Hudson <3. Apparently the cheek kiss wasn't in the script, Benedict did it because he's known Una (who plays mrs Hudson) his whole life and sees her as a mother figure

Benedict has known Una Stubbs (Mrs. Hudson) his entire life because she is a close friend of his mother. So the affection Sherlock shows Mrs. H is completely real and completely Benedict's doing (Moffat didn't write it in the script initially).

One of the best lines. My heart swelled.

I love this. I love how Sherlock looks so sincere, how for once he's not hiding behind insults, but instead trying, really trying to get John to see how much he means to him. I love this.

Two years later. . .  Worth the wait every time, but still!!!  Please Mr. Gattis/Moffat, will you speed up the process a bit?  (Insert hopeful look)

18 months between seasons of 3 episodes. Don't talk to me about waiting a week, silly one.<<<sometimes it's more than 18 months. And we have to come up with theories to the cliffhangers at the end of every season just to survive the wait


The Loneliest People at the Kindest. The Saddest People Smile the Brightest. The Most Damaged People are the Wisest. SO TRUE

it could be

And then the reason Sherlock looked so sad at the end is because he thought John didn't care. (This would be an awesome fan fiction to write.) >>> OHMYFUCK IT HURTS

Well Sherlock, that's what you get for keeping john in the dark for 2 YEARS!!!!!

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Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch), the detective, and John Watson (Martin Freeman), the army doctor WHO HAD BAD DAYS!

Sherlock behind the scenes<--- Benedict, can you stop being adorable?! <-- You're right he's soo adorable!

'Sherlock's Coming Back, Let's Celebrate


Do you want to phone a friend? I don't have friends <------ that comment haha xD

""it's got two fronts, John! Why has it got two fronts?""  "It's an ear hat... It's an ear hat, John!!"

Sherlock confused about the iconic deerstalker hat someone gave him: "It's got two fronts, John! Why has it got two fronts?" "It's an ear hat. It's an ear hat, John!