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Mormon Memes from the Avengers

Hilarious Avengers memes >>> and yet one of them is a much better actor than the other

I love this movie!!!

Oh Robert Downey Jr.is there ever a moment when you don't speak Awesome fluently?

Sister of oh no.... I'll expect great trouble from you

Older siblings: ruining your first impressions since *insert date of birth*. The struggle is real. - Oh, Loki.

Loki!!!!!!!!!!! Your bro will help you :*)

no matter what you do or how bad things get I will always be there to help you up and to take you home for you are my brother and my best friend and I don't know how I would continue without you - Thor and Loki

rockywhorrorpictureshow: So I went to CVS today and saw this… wondygirl: This is how you convince someone to get a flu shot.

Holy shit

Spidey-baby and Uncle-Thor hahahahaha I don't ship Tony and Steve but this is funny