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Did anyone else feel like this while reading the Matched trilogy?

Did anyone else feel like this while reading the Matched trilogy?<--- we all felt like that while reading the matched trilogy

Bookworm's problem 364. Borrowing books is always a scary experience

This is EXACTLY how I feel. I want them to read and to encourage it, but.but don't hurt my book babies!

I don't feel like that with my favorite books, though, because Tolkien wrote so much about them, there's always more to learn. :D

<<*cough* Heroes of Olympus *cough*<< Well there's a sequel. On the First book, Percy, Nico, and Will's still there. And (Spoilers) Leo returned with Calypson in the end so, they will be in book 2

This is me at the moment. Really want to but don't want to Finnish this great book on wattpad. If or when I do, I will just be sitting there regretting that moment forever because that's just what happens when you end a fabulous book.

Please Excuse My Dear Fan Lady

problem with a good book is: you want to finish the book, but you don't want to finish the book problem quote story life

Pentatwine: Book Nerd Problems #12 | Reader Problems

Hello Peeps, how's everyone doing? Weekend going well? Partying hard or sleeping in? I know, I spent the entire day lazing around in bed.

"The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid." LOL

How books work. So true! i am having a book hangover right now and it is very hard. See i read a book and i loved and then read another and ended up liking that one too so now i have a multiple book hangover.

or crying aloud, "no!!! he didn't have to die!!!" or "i knew they would kiss!!!"

Bookworm problems:laughing out loud while reading in public.

oh my gosh this describes me perfectly READING THE ELITE like everyone´shappy but there´s still one book left

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