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Pamela Holderman: going around in circles. - when done with your painting, cut into quarters and mix with 3 other paintings for a new unique one

Common Core Lesson Plan - Quarter Circle Paper Quilt

Art Projects for Kids: Paper Quilts. This website has lots of great collaborative projects that would be great for the auction.

recycled circles workshop with jane lafazio -these look great - use marbled paper for background

recycled magazine circles workshop with jane lafazio

Fraction art-students decorate a heart, cut it into fourths, and swap with friends. Make a quilt with the results.

Fractured Hearts -students "swap" pieces of their hearts with three other students - very Jim Dine inspired

The Chocolate Muffin Tree: How to Make an Abstract Kandinsky Painting

Each child makes a square, make quilt, sell? The Chocolate Muffin Tree: How to Make an Abstract Kandinsky Painting

3rd grade art project

Grade Abstract Collaborative Quilt: By candice ashment art: Abstract Mural - Our Contemporary Painted Quilt Blocks {tutorial}


Heart, cut, paint, reassemble - this could be good for being of the year and the children have their painting cut into 4 to have 3 other children pieces and then slogan with display "We put our HEARTS into learning

Cooperative Squares for Kindergarten Social Studies

Fine Lines: Cooperative Squares. On an advanced level, this would be a good middle school painting project, keeping the squares to a set so they fit together when finished and limiting the colors to a specific color scheme or mixing only primaries.

Art Teacher Blog

Collaborative project - she used paper plates. what about dyed coffee filters? Or Sharpie/rubbing alcohol scales.a giant Rainbow Parrot Fish with willow, tissue paper and paper plates.

I like this idea! Never thought to do the dot with upper elementary

The Dot Display - Art with Mrs.

Radial design then cut into quarters and glue to white paper.

'Radial design then cut into and glue to white paper ~ lesson to integrate art and math (geometry).


Thinking of tweaking this project for the kids for Sukkot.Mosaic (grades - Impressive Gallery of Work.done on kraft paper with black drawing and filled in with left over paint chips (Fresh Artists - Hancock school?

shine brite zamorano: collaborative art project

shine brite zamorano: me and barry mcgee.

Abstract Symmetry- terms: symmetry,stencil, organic,geometric, warm colors, cool colors, color mixing (techniques)

Abstract Symmetry- even using the center of this is nice by rotating the pattern and limiting color scheme

Painted flowerpot, kids crafts for Mother's Day, gardening with kids, Crystal's Tiny Treasures Childminding in Whitehead, photo

Tracy& Kids — Piecing It Together: The Art of Group Projects

Q-Tips.... Pointillism, 5th grade.. Dots upon dots, circles upon circles, maybe do color families

Q-Tips. Pointillism, grade, Dots upon dots, circles upon circles, maybe do color families . I like the idea of breaking this into sections for each child to complete and then putting the whole thing back together (LS)