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sad coz not long ago I was sitting by my posters on a chair wearing a headband eating ice cream watching videos.

Bish what're yuh talking about. I dont have a problem. *Goes back to fangirling* x u x

This is me summed up in one picture Tyler Oakley, no social life, and One Direction

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Rockin' the guy Directioner.

Tyler Oakley talking about one direction. Can he just be my gay best friend. -M << Seriously... He would be a great bestie!

Tyler Oakley talking about one direction. Can he just be my gay best friend. He would be a great bestie!<<RIGHT I've always wanted a gay best friend

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Tyler Oakley is my queen

Tyler talking about kpop AHAHAH I love him

Tyler talking about kpop AHAHAH I love him 🖤😂

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Just keep on being precious, Tyler, you beautiful queen

Tyler okley <3

She'll regret that., but you gotta admit, thats one hardcore directioner!

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The amount of times this has happened.

Haha Tyler Oakley is hilarious!!!!!

Burn I love Tyler Oakley for that

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Haha zoe and Louise! Sounds like something I'd do if I were to be a beauty guru tbh

Tyler Okley

Oakley needs to be in charge of this fandom. I literally fangirled for him when I saw his interview with One Direction.<<<< Tyler Oakley is QUEEN LIKE SLAY B*TCH SLAY. but seriously, he could control this fandom and I'd be happy

Oh gosh. Hahaha. but wait all my fav boys are in this picture oh

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XD Tyler the sass queen

I love Tyler Oakley is the best #guydirectioner out there! He's so funny!!

Perrie, keep the ring close to you! Tyler might try to steal it ;) aha Xx««bahaha I love Tyler.

Sebastian Stan

Troye Sivan haha this was hilarious! "some people call it 'stalking'" :)

I just stopped because I know you'll say no now.  @kryschris77

I swear parents say no to everything!