FJÄLLA Box with lid IKEA Suitable for storing chargers, remote controls, USB drives, and desk accessories. Easy to pull out as the box has a handle.

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KASSETT Box with lid IKEA Suitable for storing your DVDs, games, chargers, remote controls or desk accessories. - they have lots of sizes and also magazine holders

IKEA - BRUSALI, Secretária, , Pode reunir cabos e extensões na prateleira por baixo do tampo, para que estejam ocultos mas acessíveis.Como as prateleiras são reguláveis, pode colocar um computador no armário.

BRUSALI Secretária, branco

IKEA BRUSALI Desk White cm You can collect cables and extension leads on the shelf under the table top so they’re hidden but still close at hand.

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IKEA - HEMNES, Shoe cabinet with 4 compartments, black-brown , Helps you organize your shoes and saves floor space at the same time.In the shoe cabinet your shoes get the ventilation and the space they need to keep them like new longer.The cabinet on

IKEA - FJÄLLA, Box with lid, dark gray, , Suitable for bulky items like blankets, comforters, and games.Easy to pull out and lift as the box has handles.The label holder helps you organize and find your things.

FJÄLLA Box with lid, dark gray

Storage for the ledge FJÄLLA Box with lid - off-white - IKEA Width: 15 ¾ " Depth: 22 " Height: 11 "

KVARNVIK Caixa c/tampa - cinz, 16x29x15 cm - IKEA

KVARNVIK Caixa c/tampa, cinz

IKEA KVARNVIK Box with lid Grey cm Suitable for storing your CDs, games, chargers or desk accessories.

Best Things to Buy at IKEA Right Now

The 15 Best Things to Buy at IKEA Right Now

IKEA - HEMSMAK, Container with lid, set of Suitable for coffee, tea and other dry food.The small sizes can be stacked into the bigger sizes to save space when storing.

Caixas de arrumação e cestos - IKEA

IKEA - TJENA, Box with compartments, black , Helps you organize everything from small desk accessories to makeup and hair clips.The included label holder helps you to create an overview to quickly find your things.

SAMLA Insert for box 3 and 6 gallon, clear - IKEA


IKEA - SAMLA, Insert for box 3 and 6 gallon, The insert has 2 compartments for more efficient use of the space inside the box.