Thin braid. audrey-esque

An entry from Klassik und Moderné

braid headband, braid section of hair behind ear, pull across top of head and pin behind other ear

this actually held in my fine, straight hair. excited!

30 Days of Twist & Pin Hairstyles – Day 18

love this hair Messy Top Knot Hair Tutorial pretty pin-tucked braid! day 18 of hair romance's 30 days of twist and pin hairstyles.

just saw something like this but lower, pouring hair down one side and over the shoulder. amazing!

Cascading french braid-pinned this in case we need directions on how to do this-also called a waterfall braid

braids... third one down on the left is perfect for curly hair days (99% of my days).

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Hair Braids Designs

Hair Color Trends 2018 - Highlights Hair Braids Designs Discovred by : Jess❤Fabbulous 💋

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triple braid buns - Hair Romance site is awesome for updos

diy (119)

Cascade/waterfall braid Step one: Begin with a standard braid. Step two: After 3 or 4 weaves, drop a strand. Gather a new strand that pulls the braid toward your wanted direction.

Alternative Braid tutorial.. I'm going to have to do this!

The Alternative Braid

This braid is actually super easy! My Yellow Sandbox: The Alternative Braid

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Bridal Hair - Wedding Makeup & Hair Styling style by Christina at Hair Romance (part of a 30 day challenge) Hair style