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I have to really trust someone to ask them for something

I don't put any stock in astrological signs, but this is definitely me! I am fiercely independent and the hubs knows by now that if I ask for help it means "HELP!

My daughter

Leos are all heart, and that heart is as big as the world! And people wonder why I get so devastated when something I put my energy and effort into fails its because I put my whole heart into making it work

Yep. :)

The Best Zodiac Facts

Very open minded but you better have your stuff together! Very true

a leo woman is open minded,but doesnt let people get close to her that easliy

Negative People-although I'm not much of one to believe in astrology I am a Leo and well yep! I can't stand negative nancy and negative Ned!

Protect the family

Lol everytime I try to make it inconspicous im told its the most obvious thing…