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LOST, lost :) "seriously, someone needs to bring it back" Close Close Doctor

pet turtle

Missing pet turtle and nunchucks appears slow but is very dangerous he will come home eventually but evil-doers beware

"My neighbor decided to burn some trash.... I was truly terrified for a second..." - Lost TV show reference

"My neighbor decided to burn some trash. I was truly terrified for a second." - Lost TV show reference <------------- Ha! I would totally flip out!

33 Jokes Only People Who Watched "Lost" Will Find Funny, oh gosh, Charlie.

Jokes only Lost fans will understand.some are priceless!

The Best Of, “That’s What She Said” – 24 Pics

Okay, I didn't understand a good half of those jokes, but this has Cameron written all over it.

This made me laugh so hard my brother-in-law asked if I was ok!!!

Jack Shephard describing Avatar to John Locke (LOST + Avatar)


LOST Island 11 X 14 print by GregHam on Etsy,--- I kind of want this