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Memorizing him was as easy as knowing all the words to your old favorite song ~Red, Taylor Swift

All too well

All Too Well- Taylor Swift- Listen to this song like 87 times a day.

Whose got the "STYLE"!!!

And I got that red lip classic thing that you like - "We Never Go Out of Style" Taylor Swift. Every time I admit I like a T-Swift song I hate myself a little bit.

"... I'll stand forever wondering if you knew, I was enchanted to meet you." ~ Enchanted by Taylor Swift

"Enchanted" by Taylor Swift. This is my favorite Taylor Swift song!

Wasted Youth

Oasis- Wonderwall lyrics / I sing this song almost everyday Bc my Wonderwall is the one to save me❤️

You call me up again just to break me like a promise so casually cruel in the name of being honest One of my most favorite Taylor Swift lyrics.

like any true love it drives you crazy —Taylor Swift, "Welcome to New York" #1989lyrics, "1989" #welcometonewyork #w2ny

like any true love it drives you crazy —Taylor Swift, "Welcome to New York" 1989 lyrics

It would be an awesome adventure to spend the rest of my life with you.   #love #soulmates #friendship

It would be an awesome adventure to spend the rest of my life with you.

Tonight I'm gonna dance, like you were in this room, but I don't wanna dance if I'm not dancing with you. - Taylor Swift :D

Dear future boyfriend, I'm sorry that I haven't said hello yet, but this is why!!!

You want to "be friends" , yet I don't like being lied to and lied about by my 'friends' , so I guess we can't be friends . Sad because you were my best friend! I still love you but I can't risk my heart.

♡☆ When I See Your Face ☆♡

CJ: "Sebastian from TMI. I can not get this song out of my head. (lyrics to Bottom of the River by Delta Rae. Very Sebastian & Jocelyn in my opinion.

Darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream!

"Compass" by Lady Antebellum. Let  your heart, Sweetheart, be your compass when you're lost, and you should follow it wherever it may go.

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lyrics from the song "Compass" by Lady Antebellum. this is the song that inspired me to get a heart compass tattoo

I actually fell for you before I even realized I did

We both said we weren't going to fall in love and I remember saying I just want to.tell you people always fall in love with me.and you smiled and said well im just not looking for that right now . We fell so deep in love.

Haha Awww

So true! You are the most beautiful the moment my eyes open to you in the morning!

I don't know what you feel in your heart...lol. But I do notice differences in your eyes.

"No camera could ever capture the look in her eyes and the feeling in her heart when she looks at him." The love I have for my son.