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Check ✔️ - Used to go all of the time when I was little and the prices were actually affordable

Bucket List : Visit Disney World.ok I've been there a bunch but 1 more time.all the time :)

DONE! Many times over actually.

[✔️] made a jar of lucky paper stars. (technically, I didn't make the paper stars.

Blue RX


my first car was a lexus but one day i would love to buy a brand new one

⭕️ Pinterest: LeahGranstrom

But would like to do it again soon . I love INDIA! Such a beautiful country with great shopping stores

bucket list bucket-list

The 10 Most Romantic On-Screen Kisses

Before I die, I am going to...

Our plans this new year include me, my beautiful wife, a bottle of bubbly, and no clothes :) its been over 5 years since we had a kid free new years! Its just me and you tonight baby! We are gonna ring in he new year right tonight!

finally! something i have accomplished! :D

I have always wanted to learn the violin since i was little, i learned the piano and guitar but violin has always been on the list (I know some violin not much though)