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If he loves you, you'll know. If he doesn't , you'll be confused.----i used to be confused and then I was found!

God often removes a person in your life for your protection. Think about that before you go running after them.

I completely agree. When God removes someone or something from your life, it's because He's going to replace it with something better. Trust Him.

I tend to find those... ~K

Moving On Quotes :And more importantly a proposal you've waited for is so much more satisfyin

She's the kind of girl a guy meets when he's too young, and he fucks because there's too much living to do. But later he realizes she's perfect.

But I'm still standing strong in a warrior's body.

It's all in the way you want to be remembered. Be the girl with a smile on her face. Be the girl who stands up to her fears. Be the girl who takes chances and risks everything all because of love. Be THAT girl.


Karma is a real bitch! Ha, I'm a good girl and I get the last laugh!

If he loves you, you'll know. If he doesn't, you will be confused. And knowing this truth will set you free.

If he loves you, you'll know. If he doesn't, you will be confused. And knowing this truth will set you free. Seems to be confusing lots of the time.

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The best breakup quote of all time - from The Holiday. For anybody who has or is feeling like they've hit rock bottom after an emotional breakup. The holiday, great movie.


Sometimes the best way to get Someone's Attention is to Stop Giving Them Yours - another inspirational thought for you to enjoy today!

True for women and men. If you aren't   happy with yourself, adding someone else (or something else for that matter)   won't change the unhappiness that's inside. That is your job alone, and you can   choose to create your self complete!

Being Single Quote: If you aren't happy single, you won't be happy taken. Happiness comes from within, not from men.

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What you are is a complicated girl with simple needs. You need your books and time to read, and you need a few friends and you need someone-not to take care of you, but to care for you. If you have all those things, you’ll always be alright.

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"Sweetheart, the right guy will make you a priority. If you find yourself feeling like you're not good enough, it's because he's not good enough." - Steve Maraboli The right guy will make you his everything