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image source Uroplatus phantasticus, the Baweng Satanic Leaf Gecko, is a species of gecko indigenous to the island of Madagascar. First described in 1888 by George Albert Boulenger, U. phantasticus is the smallest in.

Animals with their miniatures…

Animals with their miniatures… Awww.

20 Bizarre Animals That You Never Knew Existed animals animal animal pictures cool animals

20 Bizarre Animals That You Never Knew Existed animals animal animal pictures cool animals. The Mantis Shrimp can see 15 colors.

Demonio espinado

The Moloch, thorny Devil or Australian thorny very Devil (Moloch horridus) is the sole representative of its genus, and one of the members of aspect stranger in the family Agamidae. It is found in the desert and semidesérticos spots in much of Australia.

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"has anybody seen, a lizard in a tin; a tiny little thing, that you keep a lizard in? has anybody seen or heard a scratchy sound; a tiny little lizard, going round and round?

(Peek-A-Boo) Gecko I think? - His ghostly appearance and slimy texture can be used in a Horror or Sci-Fi experiment.

gecko (Snooper 2 by ~Dark-Raptor on

part 1 : 5 Bizarre Creatures That Actually Exist On Earth

part 1 : 5 Bizarre Creatures That Actually Exist On Earth

Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko (Uroplatus phantasticus) Madagascar

Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko, Uroplatus phantasticus by Mike Martin

Extraordinary camouflaged animals…

Funny pictures about Extraordinary camouflaged animals. Oh, and cool pics about Extraordinary camouflaged animals. Also, Extraordinary camouflaged animals.


Insect Camouflage Leaf mimicry is an absolutely extraordinary type of camouflage which helps prey evade detection. These insects have evolved incredible leaflike patterns and modified exoskeletons to utalize this ability.

Animal camouflage: creatures that mimic their surroundings - A leaf mimic bush cricket resembles the shape and colour of the leaves of the plant it lives on in Quito, Ecuador


The creatures in this picture gallery have all evolved to mimic their surroundings. Some use camouflage as a cunning plan to catch prey, while others hide from their predators.

Photograph by Anders Zimny, My Shot A frilled lizard in its defense posture during a 2010 field trip to Cape York, Australia

The atlas moth is the largest moth in the world. What makes it creepy are its wings. On the tips of each wing are what looks like a cobra head. This serves to protect the, otherwise harmless, moth.

25 of the Creepiest Animals Around

A slideshow of 25 of the creepiest animals in the world. Come see how you feel about nature after finding out what can be lurking around you.

Insetto  foglia

This is the satanic leaf-tailed gecko (Uroplatus phantasticus), a truly amazing mimic. There are a number of species of leaf-tailed geckos, and all of them have awesome camouflage to blend into their surroundings in their native Madagascar.

Vietnamese Mossy Frog

Vietnamese Mossy Frog, or Tonkin Bug-eyed Frog (Theloderma corticale), is a species of frog in the Rhacophoridae family. It is found in Northern Vietnam and possibly China

Uroplatys phantasticus, the satanic leaf-tailed gecko

“frumpytaco: “ Uroplatys phantasticus, the satanic leaf-tailed gecko, is my favorite. ” Normally, people include my name for credit when they share my photos.