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Comment maybe?

Comment x sorry I'm not answering personal but ya I can't answer by comment but I will make a pin for u answering the question I might answer some personal but u must ask

Don't just Repin because I know you will. Please take the time to follow just one of my boards at least

30 more 'til Please help you guys I know it's a tuff goal but my bday is may 16 and I was wondering if y'all could help me get to 900 LUH YUH THANK YOUUUUUU -

Just so you know, i do read every comment,and the nice ones get a follow!

I promise I wont reply but for those at school. Watch your backs cuz I know where your lockers are!

I love you all, i really happy I have you, but I'm curious, why do you follow me?

Please, comment! :) also I have a question, do you guys think I should make a personal/My Life board? Let me know in the comments below.