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33 Crazy Cool Home Office Inspirations

How To Organize Your Stuff, A Cheater's Guide #refinery29  http://www.refinery29.com/hilary-roberston-home-decor-tips#slide3  Frame Your Inspiration  Inspiration walls and mood boards have been done to death. One way to make your motivations more visually interesting is to frame them! Because of the tightly hung wall of squares and rectangles, even the computer monitor fits right in and looks inspiring.

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Books + frames

one day john & i will have a room with floor to ceiling built-in bookshelves and art covering every inch of the walls


Beautiful dark dining room with a exquisite selection of artwork. A dark wooden table and matching chairs make this room look expensive and stylish. It's a perfect contrast to a white wooden ceiling.

Love the colour coordination between the prints and the lime couch!

I am stealing so many of her home decor ideas!- tons of great ideas. frames on wall. painting- one wall one color and two other colors on other wall.

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I need a HUGE "ego" blasted on my office wall. Bless my ego for running a successful business!


in a spacious bathroom, tons of frames. in the office space, tons of frames. love it. creative space and work space.