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To Bokuto Kotarou, I am sorry to inform you and your ass from God but Akaashi is apparently my secret admirer. I know I am sad too don't worry. Sincerely, the girl who ships you two <<leo.Im sorry Kageyama but I ship you with Hinata

The signs and which haikyuu character they should fight

The signs and which haikyuu character they should fight // Nah, man, Tsukki and I are basically the same person. There is no reason to fight 😂

Kenma- Damn. I thought we'd be friends. I'm basically the female version of him

i cant fucking fight bokuto? not only is he my precious owl son he's one of the fucking top japanese aces and prob has like fifty times the muscle mass i do?

CANCER || Haikyuu ♛

Oh dear god, Tanaka and Nishinoya. I'd be like I love you both, but Nishinoya needs to be with Asahi.

Hell, yeah, Sugawara-senpai

FUCK YEAH Kei-Chan ( he'll probably murder me if he hears that lol) I MEAN Tsukushima-senpai :V<<<I got Daichi, I'm more screwed than you.

Yay a lot of my ships are in the same class. Also damn kuroo and Turoo who knew

Kuroo, I knew because he's a big fucking chem nerd, but Terushima? Holy shit, I didn't see that coming tbh