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My mom just told me I was such a loyal fangirl for staying up until the clock hit a. aha if only she knew half the stuff I do for Justin :P >> he spits on his fans you know

this is me...for example: (SPOILER ALERT)     when next died in the dead cure,i couldn't stop crying.everytime i think about it i still cry.im a wekl b*tch

< Percy Jackson and the Infernal Devices I will have you know in those three books I only cried times!<< The Infernal Devices and The Mortal Instruments

When I discover a man as perfectly eloquent and articulate as Tom Hiddleston, I can't help but be rendered speechless and verbally clumsy in comparison! ;^D

lllll Fangirl Problems: lllll We have a hard time completing sentences." "I can't even.

Owlturd Comics

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When the main character of a tv show finds someone like this and confronts them about there happiness they usually get roasted because the happy person actually has a dark past. I just say hi and eat lunch.

omgsh i totally have this problem..

The number of times I've had to explain "OTP" is staggering. XD<<< I explain OTP as the ship that you ship the shippiest

Oh how wonderful that would be...I would marry a boy who bought me tickets to see my favorite band

Green and blue sections are too big>> haha the comment before this is the truth.


And it all happens in about 2 minutes<<<true<<<<<when it comes to percabeth I am stage 4


Ordinary people don't obsess over fictional characters. Aren't ordinary people adorable


Is it even possible to be in only one fandom?<---no because one fandom leads to all the others.its usually harry potter.------harry potter is a gateway fandom

I need a doctor or THE doctor see what i did there?<<<......wow. I am not even in that fandom.<<<<<<IM LAUGHING SOO HARD XD

I need a doctor or THE doctor see what i did there?<<<<<<IM LAUGHING SOO HARD XD<<<< as a Whovian I love this so much, Sherlock deduced that I had SFD and Sam and Dean are researching it to see if it's deadly

life of a fangirl - @Madison Malwin knows what I'm talking about. ;)

life of a fangirl

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Fanfiction-- Sometimes the scariest part of the fandom things fangirls write for fun something written to give other fangirls feels<<keep adding in the comments to the Fangirl Dictionary

Fangirl version of Do you wanna build a snowman-frozen. LOVE IT

I wanna join the Percy Jackson fandom *crying* I want the books