----peeta mellark y katniss Everdeen---- love-- all i ever think about is you

Catching Fire, Nov. 2013. If this is a real poster, I will be unbelievably impressed. Actually I'll be way more impressed if it's fan made.

After realising my last Catching Fire poster wasn't too good I went back and made one more character based and less vague. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - Fan Poster

Deleted Scene from Catching Fire

Deleted scenes - catching fire seeing katniss smile makes me happy but sadly it wasn't like that

Christina Aguilera. We Remain. Theme song for hunger games catching fire. Loved her performance with Jacquie lee on The Voice Monday night!!!

We Remain - Catching Fire soundtrack I still LOVE the fact that she personally wrote a song for Catching Fire.

Katniss Everdeen

Katniss Everdeen

katniss volunteers for her sister Prim, plot image because this is when she is entered in the games and ready to change the course of Panem unknowingly


Cashmere tribute from District 1 was the victor of the Hunger Games. Weapon Knife "The Hunger Games Catching Fire"

The hunger games cave scene (GIF) Part 1 of 4

The hunger games cave scene (GIF) Part 1 of 4