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Monsieur Boudin by Lab Partners

Card line by Lab Partners featuring a lovable Daschund named Monsieur Boudin


past: “ Perl Poster (by Carissa Russell) Very long day at work, I made this to blow off a little creative steam. I know it doesn’t READ “dachshund” so much because she’s straight on, but i don’t.


Monsieur Boudin by Lab Partners


Wiener the Pooh I know how much you love both entities , pooh bear and dachshunds . I love you my Bunny, miss me as I miss you.

My dachshund hated getting her paws dirty and muddy. Y'know, the breed produced for digging up and fighting badgers. Yeah. She was weird. But I loved her. I miss that little turd. ♡

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. How to Be A Dachshund Infographic - funny Infographic showing the world through those cheeky sausage dog eyes! Who else would sunbathe belly up legs akimbo?