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The Sacrament

"Imagine that this is confession."  Wow ....... Controversial perhaps, but still an interesting photo to think about.

Mel Gibson having a chat with Jim Caviezel (Jesus of Nazareth) on the set of "The Passion of the Christ".

The Sacrament

"The Sacrament" Director: Ti West 2013 Another engrossing & original horror outing by West.

The Sacrament | Movie Review | GotchaMovies

Cucalorus 19 – Ti West’s ‘The Sacrament’ gives new meaning to ‘cult film’

19. The Sacrament | The 19 Best Horror Films Of 2014 -   Directed by: Ti West Written by: Ti West  It’s easy to feel weary of found footage horror: The success of the Paranormal Activity series ushered in a surplus of copycat films, most of which were — much like the majority of Paranormal Activity sequels — disappointing. But there are still a few worthwhile found footage tricks emerging, as evidenced by several entries on this list, starting with Ti West’s Jonestown Massacre-inspired The…

The 19 Best Horror Films Of 2014

The Sacrament

A news team trails a man as he travels into the world of Eden Parish to find his missing sister, where it becomes apparent that this paradise may not be as it seems.

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Robert Taylor Let's make Walt smile more, shall we?Robert Taylor and his beautiful distinguished Australian self.