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Hakalan koulun verkkolehti ja kurkistusblogi: Viisi Koulupäivää: Syksyä vastavärein

perhaps shrink the leaves you have and create this for your water picture project

Rounding out Autumn Lessons

Rounding out Autumn Lessons (Exploring Art: Elementary Art)

Good grief Charlie Brown, I'm glad I got to squeeze this post in before December hit. Before Thanksgiving break all of the final autumn-esque art lessons were finished up.

Miss Young's Art Room: An Ocean Painting

contrast, color, This would be cool to study analogous colors and warm/cool. Along with a Hokusai tie in.

Autumn Leaf Compositions 4th grade art idea lesson

Check out student artwork posted to Artsonia from the Autumn Leaf Compositions project gallery at Twin Hickory Elementary School.

Crayon and Watercolor relief! Good one for fall Warm leaves, cool skies - 2 line and organic shape

Aren't these just incredible?! These were made by my 2nd graders!! And they turned out fantastic! It was a very simple process and a great end-of-the-year wrap up as the work is collaborative and t...

Undeniably Gorgeous Collaborative Flowers

Undeniably Gorgeous Collaborative Flowers - Great "End of the Year Art Project" - done with grade but could do with ANY grade! To be quicker - like as a party activity - this could be done with pre-cut shapes, too.