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AQUUS - AQUUS is a contemporary all-caps display font that refines the elegance of a classic Didone with ex.

A2/SW/HK +44 (0)20 7739 4249 - http://centophobe.com/a2swhk-44-020-7739-4249/ -  - Looking for a change for your walls? http://centophobe.com/a2swhk-44-020-7739-4249/

Master this powerful technique for creating compelling and lifelike design projects.


betype: “ Typographic film poster by Sebastian Nilsson ”

#Obsessions/worries lead to compulsions--like avoid germs--to feel better.  #OCD is a medical illness   Designspiration — Technosoul

Astronaut Anna Lee Fisher, first mother in space. - Astronaut Anna Lee Fisher, first mother in space.


Ladoni - This typeface is inspired on bodoni, but this, is like his gross sister, because it has angles ins.


Projects completed by Studio Brave. Studio Brave is a Melbourne based design studio driven by the creation of unique, distinctive and memorable brand communication.