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wrangler butts, drive me nuts! I bet you thought I made this up didn't you? these are chaps.

Haha! Love it

Hey girl, Did I tell you how freakin' sexy you look in sweat pants? Come here baby. I have a pony tail holder for your hair. - Channing Tatum // not Ryan Gosling but Ahhhh yes please!


Long live cowboy love them brandin cowboys just to watch them work. although i have to help them brand all the time i LOVE IT

Sometimes I feel this way...there's just something about those country boys. But they gotta treat me right!

"I don't want a knight in shining armor.I want a man in boots and plaid" - Love my cowboy!


Tim Cox - A Lot Like Heaven - Limited Edition Canvas Giclee Tim Cox Art Prints A cowboy standing near his horse enjoying a beautiful sunrise by artist