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Small Kraft Brown Squared Moleskine Notebook designed with a quote from the wise and wonderful Rumi The wound is the place where the light enters

the treasured girl: open letter. to the pastor who said husbands might...

Love cannot be measured by how long you wait; it's about how well you understand why you are waiting. that's we keep telling eachother, some just don't get it! Oh well live with it and be jealous

keep God first in our relationship...

God has perfect timing for everything! When you are both are ready God will bring that person into your life. God will give you a far better love story than you would ever dream of. Be patient and wait upon. The Lord.

12 Of The Best Love Quotes Of All Time…

12 Of Some Of The Best Love Quotes Of All Time…Emily Bronte one is my favorite quote of all time from my favorite book except for TAYLOR swift she can leave

Wedding Quotes for Blended Families | MARRIED LIFE - Making Blended Families Work ~ The Glamorous French ...

Preston -that made me tear up. So sweet & glad that you even consider me 2 be apart of your family :) b/c I claimed you a year ago (even though my lil beautiful niece screamed "stranger danger" on her night home w/me) Bahaaaa!

6 impossible things.

Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. The White Queen in Through the Looking-Glass (Alice in Wonderland) by Lewis Caroll.

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Yours is the light by which my spirit's born. You are my sun, my moon, and all my stars. Cummings for


I do not like the idea that love means letting someone get away with everything! Love is helping each other to be better and sometimes that means getting told we are wrong! A relationship should make you stronger as people not just a couple


Do you ever just want to sit next to someone and listen to everything they could possibly say about anything ever just because you like their face, their voice and their general existence.

Affection over perfection♡

"Never leave a true relationship for a few faults, nobody's perfect, nobody is correct. In the end, affection is always greater than perfection.

T Harv Eker

Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots. Rumi You have to be both, firm like the roots of a tree but flexible like its branches.

Johnny Cash Coffee Quote

Our favorite saturday morning activity, coffee in bed x - Johnny Cash Coffee Quote Art Print

And yesterday-my birthday- I realize God is allowing me to do something right!  Being a mom is such a blessing, and regardless of whether I gave birth or not, both my girls are my girls!

the joys of raising a blended family. how to raise a blended family. the chaos of blended family life.

The feeling is mutal!!

Baby this is so true! I never in my life thought I'd ever be making love to you.even talking to you was a dream of mine. You are truly my dream come true and I love you so much.