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No Mês da Mulher vale relembrar um questionamento: por que a ciência tem mais homens do que mulheres? Conheça no blog a pesquisa que traz a resposta.  http://ift.tt/1IJoGoo.  -- Me siga também no perfil @eduardomikail.

Dysgraphia is the inability for some students to read their own handwriting in math. ModMath is a tool that helps struggling students with mathematics.

Being scared is where the fun begins.

Being scared is where the fun begins.

Do your knees hurt while riding? This may be why. #saddleupcolorado

1 Reason Your Knees May Be Hurting While Riding

Do your knees hurt while riding?

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Branded for Christ Devotional

Branded for Christ Devotional


This is really important for me to remember bc i dont alwayd have enough energy to go and take care fo the horses


Someone drew a foal on the side of a mare to illustrate the position of a foal right before the birth.