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40e499c9d786039df6bf4ea60030c799.jpg (274×184)

would change it to "make a wish"

"LOVE this idea for a tattoo where each little flyaway represents your children - easy enough to add on to as your family grows!" Not a big fan of THIS dandelion tattoo, but love the concept for my dandelion:)

Temporary henna tatto recipe. This could make a fun party night!

DIY Henna, 1 cup water 2 teaspoons of coffee (black tea works, too); 3 teaspoons of sifted henna powder; 1 teaspoon of eucalyptus oil. Pour over coffee. Press, don't mix, liquid into henna/oil.

this girl spent a semester travelling and got a tattoo in each country she visited. each tattoo has the same meaning: "life is beautiful" so very awesomE!

Pinner says "My friend Lexi traveled the world last semester in school, she got a tattoo in each country she visited. each tattoo has the same meaning- life is beautiful" Awesome idea!

"We're all mad here" Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland Tattoo. Ok not a tattoo person but I love this phrase for some kindof craft.I think more of the cat would make this more.

This is so sweet!! <3 He got this tattooed on him when his kid died! Seriously breaks my heart! What a loving father

Awe :,( it's so sweet The man'a kid had cancer and died and he made his sons drawing a tattoo

How to Create Your Own Temporary Tattoo: 8 Steps - wikiHow

Make a Temporary Tattoo

How to Create Your Own Temporary Tattoo: 8 steps - wikiHow (Test a tattoo out before you get it)

Breathe Tattoo. Love the placement

But backwards so I can see in mirror. "breathe" placement on the diaphragm is unique and fitting I think this is it. My next tattoo. Maybe "Just Breathe" or "In and Out" though.

Image issue du site Web http://www.tattoosa.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/decorative-arrow-designs-by-amanda-shoemaker-of-shh-maker-design.jpg

Decorative arrow designs by Amanda Shoemaker of Shh! Maker Design Thinking maybe an arrow coverup.

I want this!!

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better." This is a truffula tree from The Lorax. The lorax

Create Your Own Temporary Tattoo - I'm going to do this before my next one!! Awesome idea

Make a Temporary Tattoo

DIY temp tattoo: Great way to test out any tattoo ideas before actually going to the shop. How to Create Your Own Temporary Tattoo: 7 steps (with pictures)

Anchor tattoo in memory for my dad

This is an interesting anchor tattoo. Neat how the rope makes a heart. smaller rope though!


FINALLY a good use of an anchor in a quote! Anchors keep you rooted, and most other quotes are about "not sinking". Anchors are MADE to sink. This quote is a beautiful perspective.

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HE is greater than i FREAKING LOVE THIS!! - cute-tattoo.com

LK- HE is greater than I Original tattoo. God is greater than me.