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Photoshop Layer Styles: What are they?

This week I was asked, “What are Photoshop Layer Styles – exactly?” I love Layer Styles.

Shouting / screaming contest :D by IvaTheHuman on DeviantArt



Absolutely hilarious.

Funny pictures about Life is not fair. Oh, and cool pics about Life is not fair. Also, Life is not fair.

Phil is nailing and Dan... well

they've changed so much and turned into amazing, inspirational, and hilariou… - Any Other Business Cat

Can this be taken as a hint...?

<<< Didn't Daniel basically stalk Phil on his social' until like. he acknowledged the fact that Dan existed?

You could tell which is which because Dan never tweets with capital letters

Dan and Phil aka Troy Bolton!just look carefully.or maybe im just being a massive dork again)

D&GAmes Spooky Week starter pack, minus a good friend who's scared of four purple pixels and humiliates you when you fall off your chair and is absolutely adorable when they get scared 'cus their literally a deer.

Lol I saw the title of the game, and I was like "oh no!" Then phil kept hinting and I was like "oh no, Dan. Oh fuck no."

RIP DANS HEART<<< omg the whole game Phil looks so ready for dan do die and at one point he looks to the camera like 'you know what's coming.