if they were my teacher trust mei woulndt hate school that much anymore

Let's just say I'd have a perfect attendence record and all A's if they were my teachers *wink wink* My personal favorites are the chemistry teacher, biology, and music ;

Love all of them

Love all of them


Lol just kidding it's just a book of memes about magcon, the Dolan Twins and Shawn mendes.

#RiderKing ♞

Magcon facts -I wont to play football and yes just bc im a girl doesn't mean I cant play

From back to front: Cameron Dallas Aaron Carpenter Matt Espinosa Bryant Nash Grier

Nash and Aaron look adorable and then there's Matt who looks like he's gonna throw up XD

no you didn't ya lying

Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas and Matt Espinosa (MagCon Boys) np we didn't you're lying

nash:: mahh brother is crushing!! / matt:: bro shit up!! *blushes* / nash::*laughs* oh look whos nervous! / matt:: *punches nash in the arm*

UGH boys (original MagCon) - Chapter 20:UGH not you