La dictadura de Porfirio Díaz —acontecida a finales del siglo XIX y principios del XX— fue uno de los periodos más criticados de la historia de México, pero nadie puede negar que la belleza predominó en muchas áreas.

Increíble tipografía mexicana inspirada en el Porfiriato

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Beautiful Hand Lettering Experience by Leandro Senna

Bob Dylan's Hand Lettering Experience by Leandro Senna is inspired by Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues video, where he flips cards with the lyrics as the song plays.

Hand lettering guide. This looks like great fun and useful for making cards!

So you want to learn hand lettering? ^ EXTREMELY helpful guide if you're interested in learning how to write fancy or just a cool skill that would be fun to practice.

Un estilo que ha sido retomado por grandes diseñadores con diversos mensajes.

Tutorial: realiza un poderoso cartel con un texto que impacte

Great advertising: Nike Tennis posters: The Dubai Open by Leo Rosa Borges, via Behance typography example

Impresionante trabajo de lettering de Erik Marinovich

Impresionante trabajo de lettering de Erik Marinovich

It is not just a dream if you decide to make it your life.

Motivarional Quote Letterpress Typography Print - Mid Century Modern, Home Wall Art Decor - "Make it Your Life.

Hand Lettering by seanwes - Imgur

Hand Lettering by seanwes

In this post I have a selection with hand lettering quotes designed by Sean McCabe a designer from San Antonio, TX, USA. You may know Sean as seanwes, which is also the name of his…


Great ideas for typography - Calendar Girl, Editorial spreads for the Winter / Spring 2012 cover story of Washington's Bride & Groom issue from Design Army

sans serif, capitals, culling, ascenders and descenders, open and closed counter forms, aperture, foot and head serif, stress,

"The best view comes after the hardest climb" - No matter how difficult things may be if you work hard you will be rewarded - Inspirational lettering by

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Making all of those slowwwwww loops up and applying juuuust the right amount of pressure on the downstroke feels really satisfying. For me, it's been a nice way to unplug and sort of clear my brain at night.