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53 Random Pictures for Today

Funny pictures about Never Brush Your Curly Hair. Oh, and cool pics about Never Brush Your Curly Hair. Also, Never Brush Your Curly Hair photos.


African American Hair Tips & Tricks ~ This is so true and so me. Curly hair pros and cons hilarious! The one about the growing hair and the shrinkage is insanely accurate!

"Threatened" - so funny! #naturalhaircomics

Tall N Curly - Threatened Haha too funny! But seriously this is what happens when someone doing my hair pulls out a brush lol

Fixed it

That's actually very inconsiderate, they're literally trivializing the pain and loss of a whole city. Last pic with caption is good imagination fuel though.

18 Pictures That are Way Too Real For Girls with Long Hair

18 Painful Truths About Having Long Hair (by Cassandra Calin)<<<<<<<< Curly/long hair problems

I am a victim of chronic Resting Bitch Face, also known as chronic RBF.

Actually I'm craaazy stupid fine but close nuf<<<when your pen is better than you*

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I had more poly pocket clothes then my own clothes 😂😂😂

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oml from naturally beautiful to super natrual beautiful (makeup in general not just the flawless eyes)