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say what you feel. life is short there is no time to leave important words unsaid

Not that you forget, it's because you don't need to look at your phone..

"I love hanging out with people that make me forget to look at my phone." Especially, when they don't keep going on their phone when I'm with them.

"Life goes on." --- Everything is happening necessarily, inevitably, and perfectly. And you already are perfect as God wants you to be with being just the way you are. So this world is always happening perfectly; everything that each one of us believes in our mind is crystallized and coming true as a reality in this world in every moment, and this world goes on perfectly. Let it all be. #freedom #happy #life #quote

Life goes on! It hurts to realize what friends once meant to your family, but life goes on moving you towards new friends a new journey one that is better. All because life goes on!

It does matter if you happen to know the one who make you smile is also the one who hurt you the most. and it's hurt deep inside and hardly to forget.

Jacki's Feed - Love yourself first <3

love yourself first love love quotes life quotes positive quotes photography beautiful flowers pretty life quote love quote. God & I are still working on this one, big time. I have to learn to forgive myself to, God & I are working on this as well.