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I was obsessed with this movie for a reason ; Richard Roxburgh (Count Vladislaus Dracula) in "Van Helsing"

Solomon Kane - Solomon Kane (played by James Purefoy)

DAD PIRATE-black, touch of red Solomon Kane - Solomon Kane (played by James Purefoy)

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Hugh Jackman as Van Helsing - I am a sucker for a song and dance man who can play a vampire slayer too!

solomon kane - Google Search

General Benedict Kant after a rather difficult battle. Character belongs to Sam (pepperdaphoenix) Picture is someone else's.

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Van Helsing - Publicity still of Hugh Jackman. The image measures 512 * 640 pixels and was added on 4 January

Costume Inspiration

Looks Pirate to me! The Little Gown: Van Helsing - Outfit : Anna Valerious Outif

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James Purefoy

If you do an image search for James Purefoy you will find him looking hot as Marc Antony, looking hot as a century dandy, looking hot naked, or just hanging out looking hot (like this one)