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"Paradise Paisley" by Alma Lee: 'I am so paisley pretty, and I know it!' Is there any thing more delightful than parrot fully arrayed in paisley. Beautiful alluring and sultry. This bird is quietly waiting in her tropical parad.

Deshidratador Solar

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'Flowing City Map' is the latest project by Chaotic Atmosphere, a.k.a. Istvan, a Swiss illustrator. The series was created for a Venice-based exhibition on the theme of the identity of cities and their dwellers. City maps were put through the program World Machine to achieve a unique erosion flow effect. The results look like they're aerial views of a post-apocalyptic world being washed away. Among the cities featured are Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Paris, Cairo, Beijing, and Venice…

Apocalyptic aerial maps of cities devastated by flooding

crossconnectmag: “Flowing City Map by Chaotic Atmospheres Conceptual illustrations of City Maps showing erosion flow that represents the influence of cities on their environment.

Esri's software for processing drone data has added richer data products and clever integration with powerful ArcGIS tools.

Esri’s Adds One-Click Volume Measurements, Richer Data Products

Six Great Remote Sensing Images

Six Great Remote Sensing Images

Malaspina Glacier August 2000 The tongue of the Malaspina Glacier, the largest glacier in Alaska, fills most of this image. The Malaspina lies west of Yakutat Bay and covers sq mi sq km).

EARTH AS ART: PHOTOS OF EARTH FROM SPACE LOOK LIKE ABSTRACT PAINTINGS  CONTRIBUT…  EARTH AS ART: PHOTOS OF EARTH FROM SPACE LOOK LIKE ABSTRACT PAINTINGS  CONTRIBUTOR By Rebekah Rhoden in New Photography on Wednesday 27 February 2 ..  http://www.scienceandnature.science/2017/06/09/earth-as-art-photos-of-earth-from-space-look-like-abstract-paintings-contribut/

The Turpan Depression at the foot of China's Bogda Mountains. Mix of salt lakes and sand dunes.It's one of the few landscapes in the worls that lies below sea level.

Same Cat, Different Styles ★ Find more at http://www.pinterest.com/competing/

Same Cat, Different Styles

Same Cat, Different Styles<<I'd forgotten about Chi! My sister used to read those :) just another delightful example of how not all drawing styles are the same, and that's good :)

Autone - QuickUrbanDigitalGraphics

Psychedelic Mapping Autone Autone is a young urban planner (faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at Gdańsk University of Technology, graduated and street artist (graffiti…