Virkatut pieni DROPS dinosaurus Safran-langasta ja iso dinosaurus Paris-langasta. Ilmaiset ohjeet DROPS Designilta.

Dino & DROPS Children - Crochet DROPS small dinosaur in ”Safran” and large dinosaur in ”Paris”. - Free pattern by DROPS Design

Gehaakte DROPS banaan en gepelde banaan van "Paris".

Monkey business - Crochet DROPS banana with and without skin in "Paris". - Free pattern by DROPS Design

A mélanger à de vraies pommes dans la corbeille à fruits

Tutti frutti & DROPS Children - Crochet DROPS fruit and vegetables with basket in "Paris". - Free pattern by DROPS Design

Free Pattern

Frank n Fries - Crochet DROPS hot dog and bun with fries in "Paris". - Free pattern by DROPS Design

This amigurumi dinosaur is just so cute! Download the pattern today for free!

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Dinosaur Amigurumi Toy with Egg - Dino Egg - Easter Gift - Stegosaurus - Dino Hatchling - T-Rex - Pterodactyl - Apatosaurus - Gift for Boys