Microverse, R.S. Connett

Crustaceapods — paintings by Robert Steven Connett Title: Terence McKenna Folkert

Symbionts by R.S. Connett  See also online Vomitus Maximus Museum of artist Robert Steven Connett.

Crustaceapods — paintings by Robert Steven Connett Title: Terence McKenna Folkert

Robert Steven Connett

Robert Steven Connett Miracles of life on display — DOP

MICRODONS by R.S. Connett www.grotesque.com

The title of this painting is "MICRODONS." It is going to be exhibited at the 'FUTUROLOGY' show at COPRO gallery, Santa Monica, Calif. opening March 2013 The size is x Acrylic on wood p.

MICROBIA III by R.S. Connett

ianbrooks: “Seapods by Robert Steven Connett Robert will have some of his art available for purchase at the Espionage Miami 2013 exhibit showing December 2013 through January “ Artist:.

Underwater – Dioniso Punk

MicroCosmic Garden by RSConnett

The Art of Robert Steven Connett

See the universe as envisioned by the fantastic imagination of artist RS Connett! Come explore sublime worlds some find grotesque, all rich and alive with diversity!

The left panel of the painting "ANTAGONY" by Robert Steven Connett ~  It’s a painting of antagonism, disaffection and hostility. It illustrates plausible effects of world population, in conjunction with technical evolution. For the future, I can imagine death on an unparalleled scale. The painting does not show death or killing, but I’ve tried to paint harbingers. Enslavement is a by-product of the devaluation of life, as is addiction, sickness, war, insanity and people watching too much TV!

Here's the entire right panel of the painting ANTAGONY, (it's a diptych of sorts) ~ Painted in 2010

Robert Steven Connett

A segment of my current work in progress .

Les Mondes microcosmiques denses de Robert S. Connett (2)

Les Mondes microcosmiques denses de Robert S. Connett

The Dense Microcosmic Worlds of Painter Robert S.

Terra Incognita: R. S. Connett news....

Planktonauts: Connett's odd acrylic teeming scene of micro-life.


Magical Microscopic Worlds Paintings



Nightmarish Fantasy Paintings by Robert Steven Connett

MEDUSAE by Robert Steven Connett, 2016

"Medusae" by Robert Steven Connett for the "Summer Soirée" group show, sea creatures and fish

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"Antagony", right excerpt.

artwork: Robert Steven Connett

Surrealism and Visionary art: Robert Steven Connett