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That I am, temper and all... ~ETS

GINGER IS AWESOME. I love gingers. If you're a ginger, we can almost positively be friends. And you were nice. And not a creepy stalker that saw me write this then dyed your hair red. But yeah.

Poor gingers...

Have you ever noticed that the soul-eating Dementors in Harry Potter never go after Ron?

gingerbeach reminds me of my sister! !!!

Redhead Jokes

'I can't wait to show my tan from the beach to everyone!' Said no Ginger Ever. Bahahahaha to all the gingers in my life!

Ginger problem

Redheads have nasty tempers because we deal with jerks. I have pretty good control of mine but when I do get mad, I am scary.

Types of Gingers  (where is SETH GREEN on this!!!!!????)

Types of Gingers

Jokes about ginger people and other funny pictures. Jokes about ginger people and other funny pictures.

Ginger snap.  @Marisa McClellan McClellan McClellan Faye, Samalama & Tommy, love my gingers @Misty Robinson

Don't Make Me Mad Or I Will Ginger Snap - Baby with Red Hair Holds a Warning Sign ---- best hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fail

What's sad is I'm blonde and I have the exact same problem xP

Summer Survival Guide For Gingers

Keep out of direct sunlight! REDHEADS: Have 2 skin tones alabaster & lobster!