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"I think everyone who has watched Sherlock has tried to deduce strangers like Sherlock does at least once." YES THIS IS SO TRUE!

Sherlock personality quiz. My result: Mycroft. My favorite excerpts from the resulting description: "Organized, mysterious and well-connected, you’re a master of manipulation and surprisingly adept at kidnapping people." "You’re actually the smartest person in your family, despite the fact that most people tend to pay more attention to your more dramatic sibling."

Sherlock personality quiz - I got Sherlock! Though, he doesn't match me very well except for it's hard for me to make new friends and I am extremely loyal.

I just realized that the Doctor can watch all of Sherlock that has yet to be made. Well, now I have another reason for wanting to find that blue box.

I laughed at this. And I cried, too. This is somewhat true. It really does feel like an eternity waiting for another season of Sherlock.

25 Sherlock Holmes Funny Quotes #Sherlock Holmes #Funny

25 Sherlock Holmes Funny Quotes

Hudson: Marriage changes you as a person in ways that you can't imagine. Sherlock: As does lethal injection.

Sherlock's Grinch-smile (high-functioning sociopath...with your number.)

Tumblr Reacts To "Sherlock's" "The Sign Of Three"

This was the best

Has anyone else noticed that Sherlock is absolutely clueless when Molly flirts with him but decides very quickly that John's flirting with him?<--I think he knows that she's flirting with him but decides to ignore it.

He said he was pretending to be gay in in his first episodr but i really dont believe that

The fandom going insane waiting for more Sherlock. "The man with the key is king and honey you should see me in a crown.