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“Now’s the time to tell me the truth, Aya.”  He spoke softly, each word tickling my neck.  “Don’t lie to me again.” ~Medusa's Dagger by J.J. Fitch

this would make a beautiful tattoo flying from my hips going forward toward my ribs.

It's Purple Friday!

Eric Stampfli photography - Crow Throughout history, the crow has been associated with both positive and negative symbolic meanings. The most common are:

Ворона / Декупаж / Картинки для декупажа

Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.' Australian Ravens have pale blue eyes.

mixed media paiting for a friend's bridal shower gift. Her soon-to-be married name is Crowe.

pixiewinksfairywhispers: She decided to become a crow for the rest of her life. To live in hearts we leave behind Is not to die.

A Polar Bear's Tale

Krahe Rudi Hurzlmeier Black Raven Crow In Boots Walking Fantasy Art Print Poster

Crow on iron scroll

Wrought Iron painted black, and crow naturally black. Look closer and you will observe that the black is something very special - amazing lustres of dark metallic blues combining to what we can only see as black from a distance.

crow WAY TO MUCH CHATTER!!!!!!!!! @Christina & Suitter

Raven atop a skull. The crow and the skull combined make a simply dazzling photo.

Want one !!

baby raven, I& raised an orphan sparrow . if I ever find an orphan who fell out of it& nest again I hope it& a raven!

sᴘɪʀɪᴛ ᴏғ ʀᴀᴠᴇɴ

I love to see a clever crow hopping about what a lovely bird.

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There are also white crows. Some species of 'category: corvus' also are white and not all of them are completely black. Are not crows albinos, because they know that the eyes are blue pigment. If they were albinos would have red eyes or rosados.

.Not far, as the crow flies.

Crows on a sign in Irvine, Scotland // photo by Amelia Murray.want to duplicate the sign post for my garden, pointing to my favorite places.