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Verdaderos campeones!!!

As a Brazilian, that's all I have to say about today's match. Costa Rica, I salute you!

Costa Rica

Dus wat zeg je als ze vragen waar Costa Rica ligt?

Your vibes speak volumes.

Your vibe speaks volumes louder than any words could ever speak. So make it a Good, nay, GREAT Vibe!

May I be inspired.

Dream Chasing May the space between where I am and where I want to be inspire me.: May the space between where I am and where I want to be inspire me.

Who cares I'm awesome.

i want this to be the caption on my christmas card while im holding my cat. while wearing matching sweaters. with a straight face.<------- leaving caption because its funny

and they can keep their manipulative sick twisted depressed psychotic bi polar selves away from me and mine snd stick to those who live a lifestyle just like they do and all will be perfect !!!!!!!!

I have to keep reminding myself that some people were just raised differently. like with no morals or values and stuff

I'm pretty sure this is what Amara is ranting when I take something from her ;p

Funny pictures about A toddler's rules of possession. Oh, and cool pics about A toddler's rules of possession. Also, A toddler's rules of possession photos.

OMG. I ate so many of these in New Zealand.... well that's cool. lol

Cookie Factory …. WTF Is Wrong With You

Tim Tam may conain traces of peanuts and human flesh! Thanks Weird Al, if you are really the originator of this spoof. - Relax chocolate lovers, it's just a joke. No humans or zombies were hurt in the making of Tim Tam chocolate