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I haven't seen this one yet but I have been waiting for this moment since the show first came on.

Down to Earth - Chapter 20

Another amazing edit of a Bellarke scene - the 100 // this needs to happen!

so when weakness = love, does that mean she loves Bellamy??? pleaseeee, pleeeaaassseeee love him Clarke! he would never hurt you!

Can we just admire the fact that they basically said Clarke loves Bellamy? And right know I hate lexa because she kissed Clarke.

Season 3 bloopers...  "Tu es mon frère. Je ne devrais pas baiser. Tu es mon - Nous ne devrions pas baiser, c'est vrai. Nous ne devrions jamais faire ça ... Et je n'aurais pas à te le dire!" CRACK

<< shit I haven’t seen season 3 yet and I though this was an actual seen but then I read the caption and I was like phew

Finn Collins, Comander Lexa, Maya and Lincoln. May we meet again The 100

Finn Collins, Comander Lexa, Maya and Lincoln. this is so saaaad The 100