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Sophia Loren's timeless style, she is at the end of the day always my icon. Her beauty is timeless and her confidence is unreal. If I was even an eighth as beautiful as she is I would be set for life
I simply LOVE this!!! To all you soccer girls out there.
The ladies of Percy Jackson ❤ not how I pictured some of them but still really nice
Chantelle Winnie - skin condition called vitiligo - “Diversity is the future of fashion”

Chantelle Winnie: a model in demand – in pictures

Marilyn Monroe in Pictures by Harpers Bazaar (15 of some of the most inspiring ones...)

Happy Birthday, Marilyn Monroe!

To make an inference, a student must make a logical connection between two or more ideas in a text. She needs to "read between the lines." And research shows if a student can make inferences with pictures, comics or videos, she can make them with words.

Teacher Tip: Use Animated Videos to Help Your Child Learn to Make Inferences

So, technically..... she isn't breaking the rules...#funny #dogs
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