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John Deere Pink??? Yes!

I'll take you for a ride on my big pink tractor. We can go slow or maybe go faster. Out through the woods or down pastor. Take you for a ride on my big pink tractor. - Jason Aldean- He thinks my tractor's sexy!

So true....

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No joke... COPO= Mustang killer

COPO= Mustang killer, although, to be fair, the COPO doesn't have a VIN, so it can't be titled or licensed.

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that moment you realize a drug addiction would've been cheaper. This will be my future garage. And I'll realize this too

Project cars... Because clean fingernails, free weekends, intact knuckles and financial stability are totally overrated.

Auto Quote Cortez Never in my life have truer words been spoken!

I do much much more than that ;)

Oil changes are a piece of cake. Mechanics daughter for life :) xoxo Dval