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I have 99 problems and the main one is I can't find white boots so I have to wear white socks with white heels

dear gosh what a style if it should even be classified as a style. more like a disgrace

I have seriously had this conversation with myself. Funniest thing ever.

Tengo todo el derecho de hacer estas cosas durante mi periodo

I have seriously had this conversation with myself.no I seriously had this conversation in my head ahahaha ha

They said let it go to voicemail lmfaoo @margaritapacas

There's a lot girls now a days that "think" they're make up is slaying.

I fucking hate Jacob how did he even become famous his songs suck ass.

In sure she's wearing makeup, she's not wearing sweatpants and her hair obviously not tied up our back!😈😈 she is not the right girl for him in my opinion😇